Procedure for Western Union® AgentPortal Enrollment

If you are an authorized Western Union® Agent and would like to receive an username and password for AgentPortal, please follow the steps below:

1. Contact your Western Union®representative (i.e. Regional Operations Manager) and request an AgentPortal User Profile form in Excel electronic format that can be completed off-line. If you have any questions about completing the form, contact your representative.

Note: If you are an Internal Western Union® Employee, please send an email to:

2. Send the completed AgentPortal User Profile form to your Western Union® Representative.

3. Once approved, you will receive your Western Union® AgentPortal username and password via email.

4. Go to and enter your exact login characters in the respective username and password fields. You will be required to accept the User Agreement, and then define a security question with the correct answer prior to entering the site for the first time..

This enrollment process is not for Compliance Monitoring Report AgentPortal users.